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We're a bunch of prairie people who love to ski, and who had a bunch of kids who love to ski, too. So we created a ski club in the middle of the prairies so we can send it together all winter long.

Let's get down to the deets: this club was built around a love for skiing with friends and family. When you join our club, you become part of our big ski family. Ski club kids are lifelong friends, and ski club parents get to live their best ski lives surrounded by other rad peeps. As a non-profit we keep it real with low fees and a 'roll-up-your-sleeves-and-pitch-in' attitude.

Skiers who join our club tend to have a few laps under their belts already. No more magic carpet for them, they've mastered the bunny hill and can already ride the chair lift on their own like a boss. They are somewhere between ages 5 and 16 and have their sights set on conquering the steep stuff, skiing fast, and throwing 720s in the park. Sound like your kid? We'll teach them the skills.


We ski together on weekends at Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Elkwater. Our coaches teach the kids, while parents do laps together and help herd the cats when needed. A few times a year we up our game with big mountain trips (for training), where we slay the spiciest greens before we head to the chutes. Later, we apres-ski prairie-style, with parents telling stories of the gnarliest terrain and epic yard sales in the hot tub, while the kids do kid stuff in the pool.


Sound amazing? That's because it is amazing. You should join us.

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